Share GPS
Android app for sharing GPS data with mapping applications

When using WiFi, output stops after a while when the phone is idle.

For Android 6.0 and greater, please disable battery optimizations for Share GPS in settings.

I tried the adb command, but there was an error stating no device found?

You may not have the drivers for your device installed. If your device came with a software disk, try installing the software. Otherwise search the net for the drivers for your device.

Connecting over USB seems complicated.

Yes, it's a bit complicated. When connecting over USB you are using a TCP port, and unfortunately, GPS mapping apps typically only support com ports. Therefore you must use software to redirect TCP to a virtual com port.

So I had this running over Bluetooth with my mapping program, then I closed the mapping program and re-opened it but it either could not open the port, or no data is coming in.

Depending on the bluetooth stack, you may have to re-establish the connection from the Share GPS app. On the app, select the Connect option and then find your PC device in the list. Even if it says Connection failed, try your connection on the PC again. YMMV.

It looks like everything is connected but I'm not seeing any output on my Terminal program when troubleshooting. I see location data in the Share GPS UI.

It appears some GPS units are not providing NMEA string to the Android SDK. Use the Create NMEA option from settings to have Share GPS create the NMEA strings from location data.