Share GPS
Android app for sharing GPS data with mapping applications

GPS Gate splitter is a program that can redirect TCP/IP data to a serial port for programs like Google Earth that accept serial port data. It can be obtained here: There is a trial period. Follow the steps below for setup:

  1. When first starting GPS splitter, a wizard will pop up. Exit the wizard and the settings window will be left up.

  2. On the input tab, click the Settings button.
  3. If the Share GPS connection is USB or a TCP/IP client, set the hostname to "localhost" or "". If the Share GPS connection is a TCP/IP server, set the hostname to the IP address of the mobile.

  4. For port, if the Share GPS connection is TCP/IP, use the port set in the connection. If it is USB, use the first port that was used in the adb forward command (i.e., the local PC port).
  5. Click Ok in the TCP/IP settings windows and then click Open. If everything is working and there is a GPS fix, the window will indicate Open with data coming in. If there are issues, following one of the troubleshooting links:
  6. On the Output tab of the GPS Gate window, add a Virtual COM Port.
  7. Start your mapping program and select the virtual com port used in the previous step. As an example, in Google Earth go to Tools->GPS. On the Realtime tab, select Automatically follow the path and click Start. Google Earth with start scanning COM ports until it finds NMEA data.

  8. When done, long press the connection in Share GPS and select Disconnect.