Share GPS
Android app for sharing GPS data with mapping applications

Share GPS can send KMZ files to a user's Google Drive. This can be done via WiFi or the mobile data connection. The Google Drive app does not need to be installed, however, it it is recommended for when mobile data connections are poor or non-existant (it can save the file).

  1. In Share GPS, create a new connection for KML Google Drive. Move to the next page for settings.

    • Dir - Directory in google drive to store the file. Leave blank to use the top level or root directory. Click Browse to navigate the directory tree. The user will need to authenticate if this is the first time.
    • File - the KMZ filename, does not include directory.
    Move to the next section for files.
  2. The files section can be used to specifiy alternate icons for the kml file, pictures used for placemarks, and embedded video links. Look here for more information: KML file additions Once complete, click OK to create the connection.

  3. Start the connection in Share GPS. You should see Connecting in the status. NOTE: When connecting to Drive for the first time, the user will need to authenticate with Drive. The authentication data is then saved. (User's account info is never saved)
  4. If the file type is a track file or a placemark with set location enabled, the file is sent once and immediately disconnected. For a normal updating placemark file, the app will send periodically according the settings.
  5. Whenever done sending the KMZ data periodically, long press the connection in Share GPS and select Disconnect.


  • For Placemark files, while the connection is Idle, the user has the option to set location via the long press menu. This will set the placemark to the current location and it will never update. This can be useful for sending the file later. The user can then also clear location, resulting in the normal, updating placemark as the user moves.
  • Google Earth KMZ Periodic Updating