Share GPS
Android app for sharing GPS data with mapping applications

Share GPS can send NMEA data over Bluetooth incoming and outgoing serial ports. An important point is that it is best to have Share GPS running when pairing the devices (in particular with Windows and Mac) as the Serial driver will be loaded for the mobile. When you create a new connection in Share GPS for Bluetooth, the application will start the pairing process for a new device. For Linux users, go here: Linux Bluetooth Guide .

By default, Share GPS will "listen" to connections made to the outgoing serial port of the paired device, however the user can long press the connections while listening to switch to a "connect" mode for incoming serial ports.

  1. In Share GPS, create a new connection for NMEA Bluetooth.
  2. By default, Share GPS will auto find discoverable devices and let the user pick from a list. By de-selecting this the user can enter the MAC address of the device manually.
  3. If auto-finding, the user will be presented with a list of paired and un-paired devices. If an un-paired device is chosen, Share GPS will begin the pairing process. Acknowledge on both devices to pair.

  4. If using Windows, you should get the SPP driver installed. At that point, at the very least an outgoing COM port should be available in your Bluetooth settings. This can vary depending on the Bluetooth stack used.

  5. A new connection will have been made in Share GPS and it will contain the name of the device connected to. If desired, the user can always long press the connection to edit and change the name. The MAC address is what is used to form the connection.
  6. Start the connection in Share GPS. It will default to a listening mode.
  7. Start your desired mapping software and connect to the correct outgoing COM port from your PC's Bluetooth settings (The port cooresponding to ShareGPS).
  8. Alternative: If you need to use an incoming port on the PC, start the mapping software and have it connect to the port. Then in Share GPS, long press the already Listening connection and choose connect.
  9. Share GPS should indicate Connected if everthing works. If having issues, use TeraTerm for troubleshooting:
  10. Whenever done sending NMEA data, long press the connection in Share GPS and select Disconnect.

For notes on Specific Programs: