Share GPS
Android app for sharing GPS data with mapping applications

TCP/IP can be done via WiFi or the mobile data connection. If trying to do remote connections via the mobile data connection, a VPN connection (or similiar) will be needed to get direct IP access between the mobile and PC. If using Android 6.0 or greater, disable battery optimizations for Share GPS to prevent WiFi sleeping while in background.

  1. In Share GPS, create a new connection for NMEA TCP/IP. Decide if Share GPS should be the client or server.
    1. To setup as a server, check the TCP/IP server box in the connection setup. Then choose the port for Share GPS to listen on. The default should be fine for most.
    2. To setup as a client, de-select the TCP/IP server box in the connection setup. Then choose the IP address and port for Share GPS to connect to. The IP address (or hostname) should be the PC's IP address. IMPORTANT NOTE: WHEN IN THIS MODE THE PC FIREWALL MUST ALLOW TCP DATA THROUGH ON THIS PORT. If there is any question, setup Share GPS as a server.
  2. Start the connection in Share GPS. If setup as a server, it will indicate Listening in the status. If setup as a client, it will indicate Connecting in the status.
  3. Start the program that will read the NMEA data. See links below for examples:
  4. Whenever done sending NMEA data, long press the connection in Share GPS and select Disconnect.