Share GPS
Android app for sharing GPS data with mapping applications

For Linux users go here: Linux USB Connections

To automate usb connections, FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE AND GET IT WORKING, then go here: Automate Windows USB/TCP Connections

  1. Obtain ADB and install on the PC. This can be obtained from the Android SDK or in stand-alone packages. Search the web for stand-alone ADB. An example for windows is here: StandAlone ADB
  2. Ensure the USB drivers for your mobile are installed on the PC.
  3. Ensure that USB debugging is enabled on the mobile device. Note: This can vary depending on the device, try to search the web for your device if necessary.
  4. In Share GPS, create a new connection for NMEA USB. The default port of 50000 should be fine for most.
  5. Plug the mobile into the PC's USB port. Ensure ADB detects the mobile. The mobile may need to authorize access. Check the screen.

    adb devices

  6. Use adb to forward mobile tcp port (50000 is default) to PC tcp port 20175 (or another port if desired).

    adb forward tcp:20175 tcp:50000

  7. Start the connection in Share GPS. You should see USB listening in the status.
  8. Start the program that will read the NMEA data. See links below for examples:
  9. Whenever done sending NMEA data, long press the connection in Share GPS and select Disconnect.